Why Won’t My Tulsa House Sell?

Published | Written by Jennifer Jacobs

If your home for sale in Tulsa has been languishing on the market without any offers, you may wonder about the cause. You certainly would not be alone. Even so, when you are facing competition from other sellers, it is important to identify possible causes for your home not selling.

One of the most common reasons that prevent many homes from selling is the condition of the property. If your home looks worn and dated while other properties for sale in the local Tulsa area are updated, chances are your home will not sell quickly. If you do not have the time or the money to make updates, you might wish to consider selling your home to a real estate investor who will purchase it in ‘as is’ condition.

It is also important to consider your marketing methods. Many sellers make the mistake of not offering enough photos of their homes or do not have enough quality photos. Today, most buyers begin their search for a home online. If your online listing does not show your home’s best assets, buyers will skip over it and never even request a showing. To resolve this problem, make sure you have plenty of wide angles with ample light. If possible, consider hiring a professional photographer. At a minimum, make sure you have photos of the following:

  • Master bedroom
  • Multiple photos of the kitchen
  • Dining room or dining area
  • Living room
  • Back yard
  • Any interesting architectural features inside/outside

Also, remember to solicit feedback from prospective buyers who have viewed your home. Find out what they liked and what they were not so thrilled with when viewing the property. Make adjustments based on the feedback you receive.

Finally, ensure that your listing price is in line with other comparable homes in the Tulsa area.

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