What To Know When Buying A Foreclosure!

Published | Written by Jennifer Jacobs

Picking up a foreclosure can be a fantastic opportunity for you to save money on your next home purchase. According to RealtyTrac, approximately 1 in every 1137 houses in the United States are under foreclosure with averages of around 1 in every 1829 in Oklahoma. The Tulsa real estate market is in recovery, but is still largely a buyers market. Whenever you buy a house that has went through foreclosure, there are some things that you ought to be aware of to avoid problems later down the road.


Prepare for Initial Problems

Houses that are foreclosed upon on the Tulsa real estate market usually come with some initial problems that you are going to have to face with in exchange for your savings. For one, you might run into some problems with the previous owner if he or she is still living in the home or is resentful with the bank about taking the house in the first place. This can lead some previous homeowners to vandalize the property before they leave or refuse to leave at all until you have to evict them.

You might also run into some repair or maintenance problems that will need to be addressed. This can be due to general neglect of a property that was lost in foreclosure, or again, vandalism. Expect to put in some money to make the home livable and to make it personal to you. Seeing as you are most likely saving money on the property compared to other Tulsa real estate properties on the market, you should have some extra spending money to perform these fixes.

Be Competitive and Prepared

Foreclosures are a goldmine for potential investors and if you want to beat the crowds and be the proud owner of that home, you are going to need to put in some work to make that happen. Get yourself pre-approved for a mortgage on the property and remain in constant contact with your Tulsa real estate agent and the lender of the property. The easier it is for the bank to unload the property with you and recoup their losses, the more likely it is that you will become the next owner of that home.

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