Tips to Keep in Mind When Selling Your Home

Published | Written by Jennifer Jacobs

Selling your house without a real estate agent might seem to be a very tempting idea, but there are usually various threats homeowners need to learn and protect themselves against those threats. One should be familiar with the steps that are necessary to protect oneself while selling your own house. Many homeowners are growing increasingly confident about selling their houses, since the heating up of the housing market in many parts of the United States. Some houses are selling quicker and for much more money, leading many owners to believe that they can sell their property themselves without any real estate broker assistance. However, having a real estate agent do the bidding for you can make a lot of difference while selling your property. There are reasons, that many choose not to risk the property and hire a real estate agent to do the needed tasks as a way of precaution.

So what exactly do you need to know and how should you navigate the issues of selling your own house? There are few points noted below that will help you make a thoughtful and right decision.

  1. The first priority obviously is the concern for individual safety. Before letting a track of complete strangers into your house for exhibiting, ensure that you pre-qualify them. Ask for their verified ID’s, secure valuables and intricate information, such as, passwords and bank statements.
  2. While the majority of ruined apples were driven out of business or locked behind bars several years ago, there are still opportunists who pose as professionals and prospective home buyers, and might try to trick the homeowners out of ownership of their own houses.  You have to be really sure that all the real estate closings are handled by the way of valid title companies and good attorneys, and you should never sign over any deed without payments.
  3. If it is about selling your own house, you’ll no doubt be pitched on both listing your property and paying some sort of commission for qualifying a potential and willing buyer. There are many great realtors in the market now, but there are also a few who are new to the field and ill equipped to help their customers well unless backed by a supportive team lead or Broker. Beware of those that cut their commission, what services are they cutting unlike full-service agents. Make sure you read the documents thoroughly and look them over for any loopholes you might miss at first glance.

4. There are also some greedy buyers, who will try to drag out the real estate process to their benefit and may try to manipulate sellers by demanding additional maintenance tasks or changes in terms and conditions. If normal, you may still find it better to re-negotiate in certain scenarios. However, you don’t have to get bullied by any such buyer into giving in to their terms after the contract has been inked.  A professional agent helps negotiate and mediate each step, in order to best help

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